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Chemical spills

Faced with accidental chemicals spills as varied as corrosives, flammables and dangerous substances for the environment, the following questions require immediate answer:

  • What chemical is spilled ?
  • What is the hazardous nature?
  • How to be protected?
  • How to stop its spread?
  • What solution to use for its neutralization and collection?
  • How to clean and secure the area?
  • How to secure its disposal?

In an emergency:

  • The product spreads increasing the risk of ground and material degradation
  • You must manage possible consequences of contamination and hazardous reactions with other chemicals
  • The spread of the chemical hazard will hinder emergency operation


Current solutions are

  • A universal non-neutralizing absorbent, useful when the spilled product is not aggressive. This universal absorbent enables the quick collection of the product on the ground, thus avoiding all secondary accident.
  • Specific neutralizing absorbents (special acid, special base) for certain type of chemical products.
  • A universal neutralizing absorbent, helps to absorb and quickly neutralize all spills, even aggressive so that an incident does not become an accident!!!
  • For hydrocarbon leaks, the use of a hydrophobic absorbent allows solidification thus facilitating collection (also works in aqueous environment)

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