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Basicaptal® 500g

Basicaptal® Neutralizes and absorbs all base spills.

BASICAPTAL® neutralizing absorbent is intended to tackle alkaline spills (pH>10)

Warning, managing a base chemical spill may cause splashing, or even a risk of inhalation of corrosive materials. Protect yourself and restrict contamination.

With Basicaptal® neutralizing absorbent: manage your base spills QUICKLY, SIMPLY AND SAFELY.







  • Neutralizes alkaline chemicals whatever their concentration, by returning to a non-dangerous pH zone (between 5 and 9)
  • Indicates the nature of the spill (acid or base) thanks to a colour indicator
  • Facilitates post-spills management with less waste to treat.
  • Available in 500 g shaker and 9 kg buckets.


Basicaptal® neutralizing absorbent is not dangerous for Human Beings or the Environment.

The neutralizing action of the absorbent Basicaptal® allows you to act quickly, easily and safely on all bases even the most concentrated.

  • Basicaptal® neutralizer reduces both the corrosive hazard and possible base fumes.

Thanks to the pH color indicator integrated into the absorbent you can visually identify the hazard and monitor the neutralization process easily.

  • … in the case of a base spill the absorbent changes color to blue and returns to yellow when the spill is neutralized.
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