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About Us

Ireland’s leading providers of Chemical First Aid and Decontamination Products.

We have more than 20 years successful experience in Chemical Risk Prevention, Management and Chemical De-contamination procedures. Through our close co-operation with Laboratoire Prevor.

Innovection offers access to:

– Over 60 years in the study of Chemical Risk and Toxicology,
– Extensive Academic research in Chemical Burns.
– Significant Medical experience in dealing with Chemical Burns.

With our advice, our clients can anticipate the hazards and reduce the risks of chemical contamination. Our products change the way you address chemical burns. We want to be your partner in diminishing the chemical risk by proposing new solutions to control the dangers without reducing productivity or the advantages of scientific progress.

Prevor Chemical Decontamination Products are extensively used in many areas



A & E Departments, Burns Units, Laboratories



Universities, Institutes of Technology


Emergency Services

Police, Ambulance, Fire Brigade



Food Industry, Pharmaceutical Industry, Airmotive Repair and Fuelling, Electricity Production, R & D Laboratories, Construction Industry.

Republic of Ireland

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Email: info@innovection.net

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Northern Ireland

Innovection Ltd.,
18 Enterprise House
Lisburn Enterprise Centre
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Lisburn BT28 2BP
Tel: +44 28 203 60100
Fax: +353 1 642 4212
Email: info@innovection.net

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